Meat Bundles

We offer a variety of meat bundles throughout the year.  Bundles can either be picked up at the farm or we’re happy to deliver to Clear Lake and Mason City addresses.  Planning to be in town?  Let us know where and we’ll meet you with your bundle!  Check back often for the latest offerings!

CLICK HERE to shop now! Interested in a custom bundle? Contact Us!

Old Lady Handmade Soap

We’re excited to announce our new line of handmade soap products!


Retail Cuts

Individual cuts of our pork can be purchased at Simply Nourished in downtown Clear Lake.

Custom Processing

Custom processing is ideal for those who want their meat cut just the way the like it while getting our best pricing.  Want to get on our custom processing list?  Contact us!

Whole, halves or quarter hogs can be reserved for 2019 processing dates starting at $3.25 per pound hanging weight + processing costs.  Hogs will be delivered to either the Ventura Locker.

Our grass fed beef is currently sold out.  Want to get on our waiting list?  Contact us!

Chickens & Eggs

If you stop by in May or June you’ll likely see hundreds of chickens freely roaming our farm.  Don’t be alarmed!  They’re friendly and are busy foraging for food.  Our chickens are available whole, halved and cut up and sell out quickly.  Want to get on our chicken list?  Contact us!

Our free range, organic fed hens lay beautiful eggs and when we have extra we’re happy to sell them for $3 per dozen.  Contact us to check availability.  Eggs can also be added to any meat bundle.

More Products Being Loaded Soon!