The Mossycup is a type of oak tree also known as a Bur Oak. Our little farm is covered with huge, old Mossycup Oaks.

Being connected to the food we eat is important to us. When we purchased our farm in 2015 our goal was to raise the highest quality food possible for our family and to teach our kids the importance of knowing where their food comes from. Our farm has produced well and we are now happy to be able to offer our products for sale. For information on where to find our products click here.

Mossycup Oak Tree

Pasture Raised Pork

We raise two different breeds of heritage pork: Mangalitsa and Large Black Hogs.  We currently have 4 sows (mother pigs) and 1 boar (father pig).  All of the pigs we harvest for meat are born and raised on our pasture in Clear Lake, Iowa and are never given any hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  Our pigs’ diet consists of certified organic feed, forage from our pasture and they are also happy to eliminate food waste by making scraps and leftovers disappear.

We purchased our first Mangalitsa pigs in 2015 and fell in love.  The pigs are friendly, smart, perfectly suited to pasture life and the meat is out of this world.  We take our time with these pigs and the reward is dark red, flavorful meat that is surrounded by creamy white fat.  The Mangalitsa is renowned as having the highest quality meat and fat of any pig breed.  If Mangalitsa lard isn’t already a cooking staple in your kitchen it needs to be. Our purebred Mangalitsa can be found in local restaurants – follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where it’s currently being served!

We added Large Black Hogs to our breeding herd in 2016 and cannot say enough good things about their good nature, excellent mothering abilities and love of grazing.  The Large Black Hog breed is known for quality meat, excellent bacon and large litter sizes. Our goal in adding the Large Black Hogs to our herd was to create a cross with our purebred Mangalitsa genetics and enjoy the best of both worlds.  We could not be happier with the results!  These crosses are available direct from our farm custom processed and in bundles.  CLICK HERE to shop now!

Grass Fed Beef

There’s something about cattle we can’t resist.  We raise a small number of cattle each year and you can find them out on our pasture living with the pigs (but not eating their grain!).  Our cattle’s diet consists of forage from our own pasture and chemical free hay and organic alfalfa we purchase from local farmers.

Free Range Chickens

Because, what farm is complete without chickens running everywhere?  We have a year round laying flock for eggs and also raise broiler chickens in the spring and summer.  All of our chickens have free range of our farm and, when not foraging, enjoy a diet of certified organic feed.